Sequel Four returns

Sequel Four was an opportunity for me to experiment with different methods of creating music. I would always include at least one instrumental work in my songwriting albums, but I always wondered how it would be to create a purely instrumental album.

Sequel Four allowed me to create music under different conditions using software and sounds that were new or even foreign to me.

Sequel Four remained as an obscure side project for many years.

At the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, I began writing instrumental music in Ableton. I drafted out a series of ideas and let those ideas sit for over a year. In the past month, I opened those Ableton sessions and discovered that I had created enough material to assemble into an album. It seemed fitting to release the music as Sequel Four, and thus the new website.

There are three older Sequel Four albums that were released in small batches. These albums are now on this website and available to you.

The new album, Disclosure is now available on this website as well as major streaming services.

I hope you enjoy the sounds.